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Wireless Factory, Isleworth

Extend an office in a weekend
  • Client: Dunmoore - Value: £4.5m (all projects)
  • Project Manager \ Contract Administrator: Belshaw Building Consultancy
  • Cost Manager: Belshaw Building Consultancy
  • Architect: Barr Gazetas
  • Contractor: Mica Construction / Premier Modular

Q. How do you extend a building while you have tenants in occupation?

A. You crane it on over a weekend. Simple. Well, not exactly. Designing a modular extension with a design tolerance of +/- 2mm to fit an existing building was a challenge that Belshaw, our design team and innovative client Dunmoore gladly accepted. Never has the advice “measure twice, cut once” been so apt. Coordinating the numerous surveys and the design team required military precision. Fortunately, it fit like a glove.

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